Journal Publications

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FlashProfile: A Framework for Synthesizing Data Profiles
Saswat Padhi,  Prateek Jain,  Daniel Perelman,  Oleksandr Polozov,  Sumit Gulwani,  Todd Millstein

Conference Publications

CC '19
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A Static Slicing Method for Functional Programs and Its Incremental Version
Prasanna Kumar K.,  Amitabha Sanyal,  Amey Karkare,  Saswat Padhi
PLDI '16
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Data-Driven Precondition Inference with Learned Features
Saswat Padhi,  Rahul Sharma,  Todd Millstein


SyGuS Competition Contribution

Patent Grants & Applications

US 2019
[ 20190034437A1 ]
Syntactic Profiling of Alphanumeric Strings
Sumit Gulwani,  Pratik Jain,  Daniel A. Perelman,  Saswat Padhi,  Oleksandr Polozov
US 2018
[ 20180121525A1 ]
Record Profiling for Dataset Sampling
Daniel G. Simmons,  Kevin D. J. Grealish,  Sumit Gulwani,  Ranvijay Kumar,  Kevin Michael Ellis,  Saswat Padhi