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Office:   Room 486, Engineering VI, UCLA
Email:   [lastname] cs.ucla.edu
Skype:   saswat[dt]padhi

Research Interests

Programming Languages,   Program Synthesis and Verification,   Statistical Learning


I am a PhD candidate, advised by Prof. Todd Millstein, in the CS department at UCLA. Before starting PhD, I graduated from IIT Bombay in 2014 with B.Tech. (Hons.) in CSE.

My thesis work is focused on making it easier for developers to write reliable software that have formally verified correctness guarantees. I design techniques to help developers generate formal specifications for their programs as well as synthesize sufficient invariants that provably establish their correctness.

Many of my projects have been in collaboration with groups at Microsoft Research — once with Sumit Gulwani (PROSE), the next time with Ben Zorn (RiSE), Rishabh Singh (now at Google Brain) & Alex Polozov (MSR AI), and a third time with Rahul Sharma (Systems group at MSR India). Previously, I was also an intern with Google’s Technical Infrastructure team.

I am also thankful to Microsoft Research for supporting my research with a 2017–19 Microsoft Research PhD fellowship, and to UCLA for a Dissertation-Year fellowship.

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